Family Photography

How to Make the Most out of Your Family Photography Session

Have you ever walked through one of those turnstile family photo booths in the mall? Families stumble in only to be hastily organized in front of a green screen for an overpriced family photograph. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with these booths, if you want a family photograph that you can be proud of, you should contact my team here at LENS-14.


As a professional photographer, I have spent a large amount of time working hand-in-hand with families and couples. During my photography journey, I have learned the ability to maximize what my clients want by focusing on the little details within the greater picture. As I focus on all of the little details, the greater image is improved as a result. You can look through my portfolio in order to see what to expect from a couple's photoshoot or family photography session.


If you are interested in booking a photography session, you can head to the 'contact' page in order to set up your appointment. You can also follow my accounts on Facebook and Instagram in order to stay updated on all of the goings-on here at LENS-14. If you've never had a professional photoshoot done before, take a moment to read the following information as I inform you about what to expect.


When you book a family photoshoot, you will need to take a moment to mentally and physically prepare yourself. While all of my shoots are fun and relaxed, you can calm your nerves by thinking of the shoot ahead of time. Have a few outfits that you and your family members like set aside. When you arrive at the location of your shoot, remember to take a breath, act natural, and let yourself have fun. My shoots are all about creating images that stand the test of time, so let's make something beautiful together.


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